The selection of the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2024 will be returned to Keshet 12's "The Next Star" program. The surprising decision was made despite the positive response by the public to KAN's selection of Noa Kirel as Israel's representative for Eurovision this year.

This decision also came despite the fact that she came in third place. From here it was reported that "the decision was made, among other things, following the heavy costs of financing the preparations for the Eurovision contest and the dispatch of the Israeli delegation to Liverpool - a cost that the corporation is asked to invest in new quality content."

Reverting back to the old model of contestant selection

The corporation stated that the decision to return the selection of the Eurovision representative to Keshet was made after much deliberation. An official in the corporation said to Walla! Culture because Channel 13 also submitted a nomination but lost after their offer was "less attractive."

The networks previously collaborated for six seasons, and at its peak, Netta Barzilai won first place with the song "Toy." Following her victory, the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Israel in 2019.

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