Kaley Cuoco is opening up about a "horrible" horse accident she had roughly 15 years ago.

When the actress was 22, and had just begun "The Big Bang Theory", she nearly lost her leg from a horse riding injury after she fell off the hefty animal and it stepped on her.

"It was a very bad accident," Cuoco, 37, told Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett on their "SmartLess" podcast.

"It was really serious," she added of the surgery in which she "had to go under." She even had to "sign" papers, basically agreeing that she wouldn’t sue the doctor if they amputated her leg during the procedure.

"Luckily I came out and I [was fine]," she said, recalling that, when she first woke up, she immediately checked to see if her leg was still attached.

The "Flight Attendant" star explained that her injury was a compound fracture, in which two bones came out of her lower leg — the tibia and fibula.

"The fall didn't break [or hurt my leg]. My fall wasn't a big deal," Cuoco clarified, noting that the injury resulted from the horse stepping on her afterwards.

"When [the horse] stepped on me — and I remember clear as day, cause it takes a second when something is that bad — I was like, 'Did I just fall on a whole [pile] of leaves?' cause I heard all the cracking," the actress remembers questioning the incident. "It took me like five or 10 seconds to actually realize it wasn't just 400 leaves, it was my bones."

Following the operation, which left the actress with pins and rods that are "still in" her leg, she recounted not wanting to make the call to "The Big Bang Theory" creator, Chuck Lorre, regarding her recovery because doctors thought she wouldn't walk for three months. 

However, she "was walking in a week with a boot" and "was back to work in two weeks.

"It was miraculous," Cuoco said.

Minus a few pins and scars, the actress "ended up being okay."

"I've got some good scars," she added. "Makes you feel like you're bada*s."

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