I’m a former rock radio guy who talks (and writes) for a living now but I have a real love and appreciation for country music, especially when it’s made here in Manitoba. The province’s very healthy country music industry will celebrate another great year on Saturday night. The Manitoba Country Music Awards will be handed out at Club Regent Event Centre where there are still some tickets available through Ticketmaster. Aaron Pritchett will be hosting. Several of the province’s top country acts will be performing including Catie St. Germain who I had the pleasure of speaking with on my talk show recently. She’s awesome! And so is her debut single “The Taxman.” Catie is up for six trophies including single of the year, song of the year, fans’ choice and emerging artist. I’m told Ray St. Germain is very proud of his granddaughter who also just landed a record deal. All the best, Catie! And maybe I’ll see you at your big show in Niverville on New Year’s Eve.


I was sad to hear about the passing of Clayton (The Clipper) McMurren recently. But I’m happy to share some news with you that warmed my heart. His daughter who came home to care for her dad at the end of his life has decided to stay in Winnipeg after several years in Mexico to do what Clay did so well. Introducing Carrie (The Clipper) Lee! She’s now cutting hair with Chatters at CF Polo Park and Outlet Collection Winnipeg. To say hi and book an appointment, reach out to Carrie at 204-399-2773. Your dad was a great guy, Carrie…even when he dragged me out to Pinawa ;o).


I don’t often share GoFundMe campaigns but this one is a friend of a friend and these people have been through so much. Two years ago, Samantha’s sister died in a crash so Sam and her husband Perry took in three girls, instantly turning their family of five into eight people. Covid-19 hit Samantha and one of the kids and Perry lost his job while caring for them and the other kids. Sam is now the sole provider, as Perry works at odd jobs until he can land something full-time. A lot of people are in need these days but if you can afford even a small donation for this struggling but resilient family, they could sure use a hand up.

10-3-2-1-0 SLEEP METHOD

Don’t forget to turn your clocks and watches back this weekend. And even though it means an extra hour of sleep, here’s a new sleep method called 10-3-2-1-0 from sports medicine physician Dr. Jess Andrade…

-10: Finish consuming coffee about 10 hours before bedtime.

-3: Finish big meals and drinking alcohol 3 hours before bed.

-2: Spend the last two hours of the evening relaxing your brain.

-1: 1 hour before bed, reduce electronics.

-0: Do all this and 0 is how often you’ll hit snooze in the morning.


A new study says spenders are happier but savers are wiser with 56% claiming to be spenders, splurging for things they really want while 34% consider themselves savers who won’t shop until what they want goes on sale or becomes a necessity. There are about 10% claiming to be somewhere in between. Overall, spenders are happier (77% to 62%). Savers are better at managing their money.


Another new survey says the 1980s and ’90s were prime for television (19%), followed by the 2000s (15%). As for the best TV shows in history, Friends tops the list at 43%. Seinfeld (40%) and Game of Thrones (37%) round out the top three.

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